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It’s April and I’m ready to offer my prayer to God. One thing I want to ask before
my prayer begins: Do any of you say, “Good Morning, Jesus or God?” A lot of
different people tell their life stories to live by.

Good morning! This is God! I will be handling all your problems today. Isn’t it
wonderful we have Jesus or God to pray to, or help us every day; to get up, and to
help us eat when we don’t want to do it. We just can’t do it ourselves, we need
Jesus. Sometimes we plan something, but something always comes up that you
can’t do what you wanted to do, because you forgot to ask Jesus first. He always
has the right way to do things.

This is the time when Jesus died, was buried and rose again to give life. If only we
would believe! God bless all of you. If we continue to believe in Jesus we will have
eternal life with him in Heaven.


Darla White, Elder