. . . Here’s what to expect!


At First Christian Church of Charleroi, we realize there can be things that our guests need, require and/or want to know while making plans to visit us. We have worked very hard to ensure that you feel welcome and here is what we offer to our Guests and Members.

  • A clean and safe place to Worship
  • A spacious level and paved parking lot where parking is close to the building entrances.
  • Handicap parking spaces
  • Handicap accessible building – NO STEPS, we are on one level!
  • Multiple large video screen displays visible from every seat in the sanctuary
  • Electronic listening aids for those who may have difficulties with hearing
  • A Pavillion for seasonal events and outdoor Worship Services
  • A Playground for the children
  • Classrooms for Sunday School and small events
  • A fellowship hall for larger events

We understand, ANYWHERE you visit for the first time, can feel awkward. . . it’s just human nature. We strive very hard at taking away any awkwardness you may expect to feel when making a personal visit to the church. You may have questions to what you can expect when visiting us. Below are some of the most common questions we get regarding visiting the First Christian Church of Charleroi.

What’s the Parking Situation?
We believe a great church experience begins with the parking lot. Our paved, level parking lot spacious parking stalls, and you don’t have to walk very far to access the building as we have several entrance ways to enter the building.

Is FCC Handicap Accessible?
We offer handicap parking, handicap accessible restrooms, and there are no steps to enter the building, nor inside of the building. We also offer electronic listening devices for anybody who may have hearing difficulties.

What Are The People Like?
Our people are white collar and blue collar, young and old, conservative and liberal. We believe that being a community committed to following the teachings of Jesus is more important than agreeing on all of the particulars of faith. You’ll find people from all kinds of viewpoints and all kinds of backgrounds at our church. That’s the way we like it!

What’s The Vibe Like?
FCC of Charleroi is a petty laid-back place. We’re serious about our faith, but we seriously believe that a life of faith is meant to be joyful and authentic. We want you to come as you are and share with us the beautiful piece of God that is in you.

Will I Feel Welcome?
It’s very important to us that you do. The people of our church want everyone to feel welcome here, and we try our best to connect with everyone that comes through our doors. Of course, the more you stick around, introduce yourself, and get involved, the more likely you are to connect.

What Will People Be Wearing?
Your guess is as good as ours! Some of us feel most comfortable worshiping God in a dress or suit and tie. Others prefer to worship in shorts or jeans. Whatever you choose to wear, you’ll probably be able to find someone who is dressed similarly to you.

Will I be welcome to join in on Church activities and fellowship if I am not a member?
Absolutely. What better way to welcome you to FCC of Charleroi than having you take part not only in our Worship Services, but any or all of our church activities.

Can I participate in Communion during the Worship Service?
We not only welcome you to participate in Communion, we encourage it, as long as you accept and believe that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross for your sins and resurrected from the grave after 3 days and will be returning again.

If I Visit, Will I Get 10,000 emails and phone calls?
No. You will get a follow up phone call, text, or email. We DO NOT sell or give your information to anybody for the purposes of bombarding you with countless emails or phone calls.

We do promise that you will get noticed and welcomed, even if you only choose to worship with us once. You matter to us and to God.