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Summer fun begins!
Summer is arriving, compelling us into creation’s beauty and bounty.
Many children are graduating and embarking on the next chapter of their lives. May
God teach them contentment even as they strive for advancement. Long and warm
days will bring fun along with relaxation. Guide us along the way sweet Jesus. Help us
to pursue wise choices and give us strength to withstand the pressure of the
world. Help us to fill our lives with things that glorify the Lord. In moments of
quietness may we feel the Lord’s presence.
So, sit back and pour yourself a cold glass of lemonade and maybe have a slice of
watermelon. Maybe go to a ballgame and enjoy a warm evening with a slight
breeze. See the beauty in your life!

Gracious and loving Jesus, we thank you for the gift of summertime. May the warmth
of the sun and the beauty of the season remind us daily of your love and may we enjoy
every minute! In Jesus’ name we pray AMEN.

Elder, Debbie Colvin